Saturday, July 19, 2014


If you are reading this, then you saw my post on or LImusiciansnetwork.
I am a 47 year old amateur musician with classical training in keyboard and drums and self-training in bass (a little) and outlaw (unconventional tuning) uke. I'm looking to form a new band that writes, performs, and records original music.  My main influences are from the late 70s through 90s and include 70s and 80s pop, postpunk, shoegaze,  hard rock and electronica. (see future post for my 50 favorite bands)
I've played in the Rochester, NY (late 80s) and Madison, WI (late 90s) music scenes and experienced the Triangle, NC scene in the early 90s.
Most recently, I've played around Stony Brook with some work colleagues but that disintegrated as people moved away or got too busy.
I'm looking for guitarists and a drummer (but other skills are welcome) to synergize with in a band, writing, recording, and performing original music. We need band members who are mature (in attitude if not age) and drug free.
I'm in the Rocky Point/Miller Place area and would need to meet near this area due to my home & family situation (I am a caregiver to my spouse, who is physically handicapped, and our 6 yo daughter.
If this sounds interesting, reply to this thread or e-mail me at the address below
In particular, it would be great to hear video or audio files of your original music and playing.
Here are some links of my work (I'm the keyboardist except in the uke track) with my most recent band, Megachild.
Aquaman (8 track demo)
A slowgaze uke jam (solo)
Black-dressed girls (2009 Halloween party)
Pet Sematary (Ramones cover)(2009 Halloween party)

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